Some of us are so passionate about India that it’s started taking over our lives. We shake our heads in peculiar ways, our larders are full of exquisite spices and our haggling skills are second to none. If you can empathise with the following ten signs, then you may well be addicted to India, too.

OK, maybe kissing a camel is taking things too far.

10. Oh, Shantaram

You have come to the realisation that no novel you ever read will be as good as Shantaram. Shame about the the sequel, hey?

9. The chai sigh

When you spot chai on a cafe’s menu, you start salivating. Ah, the memories of chai wallahs singing “Chai chai coffee coffee” on the train and their super-sweet, super-cheap tea. Your smile turns to a frown when you realise the cafe’s chai, which costs approximately 20 times more, won’t be anywhere near as tasty.

Sea Shore Restaurant

Image: Charlie Gilbert

8. Time for Stein

You regularly watch YouTube clips of Rick Stein’s India – in which the seafood aficionado goes in search of the perfect curry – because, well, it’s the best on-location cooking show that’s ever been made.

Delhi spice market

Image: Shutterstock

7. Nice rack

Perhaps inspired by Mr Stein, your spice rack resembles a Chandni Chowk spice market.

6. Is that a yes?

If feels perfectly natural to shake your head from side to side when you agree with the person you’re talking to.

5. You’re such a cliché

At some point in recent history, your Facebook profile picture has featured you posing in front of the Taj Mahal, riding an elephant in Rajasthan, lying on a beach in Goa or cruising Kerala’s backwaters.

4. Double entendre

‘Lassi’ means delicious yoghurt-based drink, not fictional female dog. Oh, and ladies’ fingers are found are found on dinner plates, not the end of women’s hands.

3. Something in the water

When you brush your teeth in the morning, you instinctively reach – in vain – for the bottled water.

2. After this, one more only

You take every available opportunity to use ‘only’ at the end of the sentence, which thus ends this particular one only.

1. Very good price

Whether you’re buying a new TV, a pair of jeans or a pint of milk, you instinctively want to haggle.