It is, according to UNESCO, the world’s fourth most widely spoken language (after Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish, no less). It makes sense, then, to learn a little Hindi – especially if you’re heading to India sometime soon, in which case the following 20 phrases will prove absolutely essential. Well, at least 19 of them will. You can probably skip the penultimate one.

Image: Charlie Gilbert

Image: Charlie Gilbert

Hello! My name is Benedict. What’s your name?
Namaste! Mera naam Benedict hai. Aap ka shubh naam?

I’m from the UK.
Mein UK se hun.

No, I’m not from London. My town is about two hours away from there.
Nahi mein London se nahi hun. Mera ghar wahan se do ghanta duur hai.

How are you?
Aap kaise hai?

Smiling Indian lady

Image: Charlie Gilbert

Do you speak English?
Kya aap Angrezi mein baat kar sakte hai?

Could you teach me some more Hindi?
Kya aap mujhe thora aur Hindi sikha sakte hai?

Indian boat man

Image: Charlie Gilbert

Could you speak just a little more slowly?
Kya aap aur thora dhire baat kar sakte hai?

Indian street food

Image: Shutterstock

This food is absolutely delicious. I’m in love.
Khana bahut hi swaadisht hai. Mujhe khane se pyar ho gaya hai.

Paradise in Goa

Image: Clemente Edmond

I’m here for just two weeks. I don’t want to go home.
Mein yahan sirf do hafton ke liye hun. Mein ghar nahi jana chahata ta hun.

How much is this? Wait, how much? I’ll give you this for it. Final offer.
Kitna hai yeh? Ruko, kitna? Mein tumhe iska itna hi doonga. Final offer.

Bus to Varkala from Kochi

Image: Charlie Gilbert

Is this the bus to Varkala?
Kya yeh bus Varkala ke liye hai?

Sorry, I know this sounds a bit odd, but do you have any baked beans?
Sorry, yeh thora odd hai, par kya aapke paas baked beans hai?

Sri Lanka ice cream

Image: Shutterstock

Thank you so much for your help.
Aap ki madad ke liye Shukriyan.

Sadhu, Varanasi

Image: Charlie Gilbert

I’d love to take your photograph, if you don’t mind?
Agar aap bura na mane, mein aapki ek photo lena chahata hun?

Where is the nearest ATM?
Sabse karibi ATM kahan hai?

Sea swimming in Goa

Image: Clemente Edmond

Is the sea safe to swim in?
Kya is samundar mein naha sakte hai? Safe hai kya?

Indian train interior

Image: Shutterstock

I think you may be in my seat, sir. See, my ticket says coach S3, seat 19, upper berth, which is definitely here.
Sir, mujhe lagta hai aap mere seat pe baithe hai. Dekhiye mera ticket hai coach S3 seat 19 upaar wala berth. Jo bilkul yahi hai.

The strap on my flip flops has broken, do you know where I can buy another pair?
Mera chappal tut gaya hai. Kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki chappal kahan se kharidun?

My hovercraft is full of eels.
Meri nav machliyon se bhari hai.

Sadhus, Rajasthan

Image: Shutterstock

Goodbye my new friend. Until next time.
Alvida mere naye dost. Asha karte hai dobara milengai.