Bring your family tree to life

Curious about exploring your forefathers’ pasts in India or Sri Lanka?

Whether you need help tracing the subcontinental branches of your family tree or have already completed your own research, we can help you discover the places where your ancestors lived and worked.

How it works

Circle-1We’ll match you with an expert genealogist from Family Wise. They’ll bring your family tree to life by piecing together where your South Asia-based ancestors lived, worked and died. You can choose exactly how much help you need – perfect if you’ve already undertaken some research already.

Circle-2Once you’ve been presented with a clear picture of your family tree and have got to know your forefathers, we’ll work with our partners on the ground to build a tailor-made itinerary based on where they lived, giving you the unique opportunity to walk in their footsteps.

Circle-3Travel to India or Sri Lanka on what promises to be a journey of a lifetime. By the time you return from one of the world’s most thrilling destinations, you’ll not only have a clearer picture of where your ancestors lived, but of who you are and where you came from.

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